Dear Madman,

Nice Bandit Ducks web page! I appreciate your commentary that Bandit Ducks from Outer Space is "one of the greatest songs of all time" because, well... I wrote it! Yes, that's right. While "surfing the web" I came across your Science Patrol tribute page. So, thanks for the compliment. Back in 1984, I changed my name to Andrew Jackson (a.k.a. "the artist formerly known as finkle"), but I've continued writing and recording music ever since.

In fact, I'm just completing work on a new CD project with Max Tyrell which is a reincarnation of Zru Vogue, my other 80's band which coexisted with Science Patrol. I'm also compiling a CD of my solo songs, producing a new music video, and contributed several of my songs to the soundtrack of a new independent film, "Kinda Cute (for a whiteboy)".

As far as Science Patrol alumni go... Christopher Pitman and I still get together now and then, and we have a 90's Science Patrol offshoot project, Our Hero's Pity (OHP). We've performed some limited engagements in San Francisco.

And -- with Rick Cuevas, Tad Williams, Max Tyrell, and Patrick Coyne -- I recently performed at a reunion of my very first band, from the late 70's... Idiot. We filmed the event, interviewed the people that showed up, and it will eventually emerge as the basis for a documentary on the late 70's.

So there's your update-in-a-nutshell on the current state of Science Patrol. I'm glad that there are those of you out there who still appreciate it. Yes, there are more obscure recordings of Science Patrol in existence, but you are correct that "Bandit Ducks/Pop A,B,C,D" was our only recording released to the world.

I'll pass along your web site URL to Mr. Pitman. He should be amused. Bandit Ducks are on the web. Thanks to the Madman. Woah.

Andrew Jackson