From: Irene Baran []           Sent: Thu 7/11/2002 6:24 PM
Subject: Monster Cable

Dear Mr. Shkolnik:

We want to apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you with our pending lawsuit against your company and As you may know from reading our site, Monster Cable was started by an entrepreneur, Noel Lee, who was himself a musician. He built up the Monster brand name from nothing, with nothing, 23 years ago and has achieved famous name status. He has taken the brand to mean high quality and high performance, which shows in the products that we make. As your attorney might inform you, to protect Mr. Lee's famous name from dilution, he needs to litigate against any infringers, no matter what the field of business. So our attorneys are instructed to litigate and oppose all trademarks and URLs that use the branding.

In conference with Mr. Lee, he shares your entrepreneurial spirit, and he has instructed our attorneys to drop the lawsuit - without relinquishing any of our rights to the name - and go after others who may be diluting the brand name more.

You may call him on his personal cell phone line if you like at or email him at

Feel free to call me as well at if you would like to discuss the issues further.

We wish you Monsterous success with your business.

Monsterous regards,

Irene Baran
Chief Operating Monster

[I replaced unpublished numbers with the letter x.  -Mike]