Mad Martian,

Hi there. I am Rick Cuevas (aluminum foil guitar on Bandit Ducks). It is great to see the Web page you made for Science Patrol! Hep-Hep! I am a friend and music partner of Andrew Jackson and Max Tyrell. I was one of the original members of Zru Vogue along with Andrew and Max (and his wife Zelda Blue!) in 1980.

I have had solo recording career since 1984 (post-Zru), and have 8 solo LPs ( all available on limited CDs), as well as several collaborative LPs. I was also in a funny band called "Electronic Voice Phenomenon" or "EVP" for short. We had a novelty song called "Kaptin Kirk" back in 1987. The group split in 1994. The guitarist, James Landy now has a band in Seattle called "Cookie". His lady friend Sabrina Libertty is the lead singer and bassist. Brother Marc Landy was the lead singer for EVP; I played Bass (although I am mostly a guitarist.

Thanks again for your dedication and recognition of Science Patrol et al....!

Sincerely, Rick Cuevas


I forgot to thank you for using the groovy cover art (which I did!) for the Bandit Ducks EP. I did a three-color "manual" separation artwork. One artwork for the black ink, one for the blue, and one for the orange! I also drew the art for the record label; all those planets and things...! I love drawing stuff.....

Til the next time....

Have fun....Rick.