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D-Day is:
De Lewellen (vocals)
John Keller (bass, vocals, backing vocals)
David Fore (drums, backing vocals)
Glover Gill (keyboards, crotales, vibes, marimba)
Will Fiveash (guitar, mandolin, electric sitar, backing vocals)
Stuart Hillyer (guitar, vocals) - replaced by Will Fiveash

What they're up to these days:
De and John got married and have a Cajun band called Zydeco Ranch. Will is a programmer for Sun. David is a programmer for IBM and plays with The Eggmen. Stuart just finished med school.

Click on the links below to hear brief excerpts from some songs.

  There are three items that were available in limited quantity but not officially released:
D-Day Five Live - cassette EP
"Looking For Someone" - single test pressing
"He Doesn't Dance" - single test pressing

Please email me if you have a photo of any of these items.

45 RPM single - 1979, Moment Productions
A: Too Young To Date [405k MP3]

B: Every Time I Ask You Out [143k MP3]

"Too Young To Date" was a hit and can be found on the 80's compilation CD "New Wave Hits of the 80's Vol 1". It reached #1 on KROQ in Los Angeles. There was some controversy over the "pop my cherry" lyrics. Some irate mothers complained to the FCC and the record was banned in California. After a DJ was suspended for playing the record, the 3rd verse was re-recorded to replace "pop my cherry". The altered version was played on the radio but not released to the public.

45 RPM single - 1981, Moment Productions

A: Right To Know [298k MP3]

B: Your History Complete

"Right To Know" is my personal favorite though it is not as widely known as "Too Young". It also appeared on a compilation CD in 1992 called "Tales from the Edge", released by Dallas radio station 94.5 The Edge.

D-Day - 1983, A&M Records
Dance It Off
Strange Feeling
Join The Ranks
Dream Song
Desperation [215k MP3]

Radio On
Secret Worlds
Do You Read Me
Hold On
More Than That
Lonely People [225k MP3]
This is their first and only album. "Desperation" was the biggest stand-out and received some air play. The album went in a different direction from their earlier tunes and was not well received by fans and radio stations.

David Fore on the creation of the album:
"The band had always experimented with different musical styles, and after our original really heavy guitar player (Stuart Hillyer) left and was replaced by Will Fiveash, we played ska and reggae in addition to punk, but our sound grew lighter. Then the lead singer decided she didn't want to sing the scatological songs anymore. I brought up putting 2YTD on the album and no one but me wanted to (she and I wrote it). A+M asked us to "give us an album" with 10 Too Young to Date's on it, but as you can hear we didn't deliver. An "English Invasion" was happening with Flock of Seagulls etc. and we wanted to get in on that sound. However, we chose the wrong English producer, Bob Sargent, he didn't even like 2YTD! We were so blinded by the "Big record Deal" that no one wanted to speak up in London and say this is the wrong direction and the wrong sound, let's go home and regroup. We were living in a castle and having the time of our lives on A+M's expense account. It was NOT A+M's fault."

Please send mail if you have additional information on D-Day.

Much thanks to David Fore for helping fill in the blanks.

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